Hi, I’m Hessery. I design and build games from the ground up.

I create stable, functional and clean code, and love to do it!
If you’re looking for a passionate, self-taught programmer who performs in team based environments, you’ve found your guy.

Recent Work

Here are a few projects I’ve recently worked on, as well as what I did on them.
Want to know more? Contact me!

Wolf Pack Island
A club penguin inspired mmo for pc/mac/android/ios.
In app purchases and mini games.

39th gm(48) - Little Cosmonaut
A relaxing exploration based platformer about building a rocket.
Team leader, programming and sound and level design.

38th gm(48) - Disc Dash
A Tron inspired disc throwing game with PvP and PvE.
Team leader, programming and ai.

Crazy Eight Collector
A tile based stacking game with a twist.
Solo Developer.

A super flexible tool for creating functional window/form based UI with minimal code.
Solo Developer.

Not what you’re looking for?
I have more skills that are not directly tied to these projects, some of which I picked up on personal projects and projects that are still in development.


“Everything was just like I asked, it was a fairly difficult idea to conceptualize as well.”
5★ on Fiverr.

“Hessery is a very professional and knowledgeable person. I was only able to understand the nuances in different platforms when developing Multiplayer games in GameMaker Studio 2 thanks to their amazing documentation and guidance on this. Definitely need more people like them around in the community”

Contact Me

These are the best ways to get in touch with me, ordered by quickest to the slowest average response time: